Four Ways for Renters with Bad Credit to Get Approved

Your credit score can affect many aspects of your life, including the home and apartment rental process. Landlords may deny your rental application if you have a bad credit. This doesn’t mean that you are locked out of the rental market, you will have to do a little more to…

Catering Made for You

Our team at I*Sammich*U is excited to extend this offer to all of our great Houstonians! We are giving a 15% discount to ALL new customers! I*Sammich*U strives for greatness when it comes to our food and customer service! Give us a call to setup a tasting… (713) 853-7553

5 Tips for Finding an Apartment After Breaking Your Lease

Are you having trouble finding a new place to live after breaking your lease on a previous location? There can be any number of reasons you broke the lease, many of which are perfectly valid. Realistically, though, having a broken lease on your record can make it more challenging to…

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